The music of numbers

Conference in honor of Javier Cilleruelo

20th-22nd September 2017, ICMAT

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  • Antonio Córdoba (UAM-ICMAT).
  • Lattice points on small arcs: remarks and open problems in the work of Javier Cilleruelo

  • Jean-Marc Deshouillers (U. Bordeaux).
  • Sums of powers, a probabilistic approach.

  • Pablo Fernández Gallardo (UAM).
  • A tale of two offices.

  • Gonzalo Fiz-Pontiveros (U. Politècnica de Catalunya).
  • Virtually fibering random right-angled Coxeter groups.

  • Harald Helfgott (U. Göttingen and I. Mathematics Jussieu).
  • The natural quadratic sieve.

  • Jorge Jiménez (U. Politècnica de Catalunya).
  • Irreducibility of polynomials in two variables.

  • Sandor Kiss (Budapest U. of Technology and Economics).
  • Sidon sets and bases.

  • Florian Luca (Wits U.).
  • Cyclotomic factors of Serre's polynomials.

  • Máté Matolsci (Rényi Institute).
  • Bounds on the supremum of autoconvolutions.

  • Alain Plagne (É. Polytechnique).
  • News from Sidon sets.

  • Sean Prendiville (U. of Manchester).
  • Partition regularity of certain non-linear Diophantine equations.

  • Surya Ramana (I. Harish-Chandra).
  • Quotients and products of thin subsets of the positive integers.

  • Olivier Ramaré (Aix Marseille U.).
  • Products of primes in arithmetic progressions.

  • Oliver Roche-Newton (Johannes Kepler U.).
  • Iterated sum-product results.

  • Misha Rudnev (U. Bristol).
  • Sum-products, bilinear forms, cross-ratios...

  • Manuel Silva (New U. of Lisbon).
  • Ramsey Theory for infinite words.

  • Christoph Spiegel (U. Politècnica de Catalunya).
  • Random Strategies are Nearly Optimal for Rado Games.

  • Lluis Vena (U. of Amsterdam).
  • Counting configuration-free sets in groups.

  • Julia Wolf (U. Bristol).
  • Szemerédi's Theorem in the primes.